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The Personal Brand Playbook will give you the tools to define and share your unique personal brand—giving you the confidence and clarity you need to succeed.

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The Personal Brand Playbook will guide you through defining:

  • What is a personal brand?
  • Why do you need a personal brand?
  • The 5 steps to building your personal brand

Strength + Passion = Personal BrandWe wrote the [e]book on personal brand

Defining your personal brand comes down to discovering your own gifts, skills, and talents and being able to articulate them with confidence.

The Personal Brand Playbook will help you confidently stand out from the crowd and position yourself for success—whatever that means for you.

Quote: "Because when you own your brand, you own your life!"

About the author

Lisa Hufford - Simplicity Consulting Founder & CEOLisa Hufford is founder & CEO of Simplicity Consulting—the Pacific Northwest's preferred marketing and business consultancy for the new world of work and five-time honoree of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America. Lisa has been recognized as an Inc. Top 10 Female Entrepreneur and an E&Y Entrepreneurial Winning Woman.

She's a champion for professionals transitioning to consulting and advises companies how to build on-demand, project-based teams that add immediate value, as discussed in her book, Navigating the Talent Shift. She wrote the Personal Brand Playbook after advising hundreds of professionals in their careers and recognizing that personal brand was a necessary ingredient for being successful, especially as a consultant.

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Download the personal brand playbook