Keep moving forward in uncertain times

Teams have gaps. They come in all shapes and sizesfrom lay-offs and hiring freezes to skills gaps, leave of absences, and parental leave—yet one thing is constant: the work still needs to get done.  

We can help you support your team—and drive business results—with on-demand experts. Keep moving forward in uncertain times (and beyond) with project-based experts who are backed by a 100% guarantee. Let’s talk!

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Why project-based experts

  • Budget lines: Hiring freezes don't equal vendor/consultant freezes. 
  • Cost structure: Consultants don’t bear the same cost overhead as fully-burdened employees. 
  • Speed: On-demand experts can quickly drop in (often in a matter of days), ramp up, and add value.
  • Duration: Project-based means that you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Why Simplicity

Access our curated community of vetted, seasoned experts, screened for hard & soft skills with a 100% satisfaction guarantee & 98% match success rate




Simplicity Consulting - marketing, communications, and business operations supportEmployee coverage checklist 

Someone on your team is heading out on leave. Now what? We got you. Our actionable coverage checklist guides you through steps and considerations for successfully creating a coverage plan to fill the gap, whether with your existing team or an on-demand, project-based expert.


Simplicity Consulting - fill gaps with on-demand, project-based experts.



Simplicity Consulting - SPEED: a strategy playbook for hiring managersSPEED playbook

You can still meet your goals if your team has gaps. SPEED is a fast, flexibly talent strategy that helps you balance the resources you have with the resources you need. It’s the strategy you need to succeed in this moment—and in the future of work—based on 14+ years of proven best practices. 


Simplicity Consulting - get this hiring manager strategy playbook



Simplicity Consulting - a Leave of Absence Playbook for marketing, communications, and business operations managersLeave of absence coverage playbook 

From COVID-19 to WA State’s paid family-leave benefits, more people are taking leave than ever before. As a manager, you want to support those taking leave—without overburdening yourself or your team. Our playbook will help you successfully prepare for and cover employee absences, whether in-house or with an on-demand expert.  


Simplicity Consulting - Download the Leave of Absence Playbook successfully prepare for and cover employee absences 


Simplicity Consulting - How Modern Managers Engage Outside Experts by Lisa HuffordLeverage outside experts in the new world of work 

Our CEO & founder, Lisa Hufford, shares with how managers can get results faster by building a total strategy. She outlines how on-demand experts add value and how to weigh external talent options.  


Simplicity Consulting - Leverage outside experts in the new world of work: by Toptal 



Simplicity Consulting - find a marketing, communications, or project manager consultant