Navigate the new world of work

The new world of work demands a new way of doing business. Thousands of organizations are rethinking how they hire to reach their goals. We help innovative companies navigate the talent shift & thrive in the new world of work.


Resources for the new world of work

SPEED Playbook: Build your on-demand team

A practical, actionable framework for building blended, on-demand teams and successfully reaching your business goals with project-based experts. Get the SPEED Playbook. 

7 Habits of Highly Successful Hiring Managers eBook

Unlock the definitive guidelines for repeatable project success in the new world of work. Download our 7 habits of highly successful hiring managers eBook.

How to leverage on-demand experts

The future of work is now. In this piece for, our founder & CEO, Lisa Hufford, outlines how to build a total talent strategy that drives results, faster. Read the article on 

What to look for in a consultant [video]

Hiring managers, wondering what to look for when hiring a consultant? It’s as simple as SMILE. These five attributes—Self-starter, Meaningful relationships, Innovative, Learning, and Energy—represent the characteristics that clients have consistently asked for when hiring outside marketing experts, based on our fourteen years of client conversations. Watch and learn what to look for in a great consultant (3:57). 

Navigating the talent shift [book]

Based on our founder & CEO's experiences helping hundreds of clients successfully reach their goals with on-demand, project-based experts, her book teaches managers how to easily build blended, on-demand teams. Get a copy of Navigating the talent shift: How to build on-demand teams that drive innovation, control costs, and get results.

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Point of view

Navigating the talent shift in the digital transformation era

Today, companies everywhere are facing what leaders are calling the “Digital Imperative”—transform your business with digital speed, scale, and value, or else.


The new work landscape and the digital drive to compete

A lot is happening, and happening fast. The big question: How will companies compete in this new economy?

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Here to stay: the on-demand workforce and the "fourth industrial revolution"

With pressure on corporations to move fast, drive innovation, control costs, and get results, the On-demand Workforce is here to stay.

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Jumping into the talent pool: every company wants the best

Companies must embrace the reality that the best and brightest most likely won’t want to be on your team unless you update your talent strategy.

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The on-demand workforce: agile, adaptable, accountable

Because businesses increasingly are required to do more with less, companies large and small are beginning to see the critical need for project-based, on-demand teams to drive business outcomes.

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The talent shift mindset and project-based approach

The old “work for one business until you retire” mentality is no longer realistic, even feasible, for the modern workplace.

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The SPEED solution: delivering at the speed of digital

SPEED is about defining your business needs and goals and determining what talent and skills you’ll need to achieve success.

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Building your on-demand team: low-risk and flexible

“This new structure allows team members to focus on leveraging their unique set of expertise to deliver greater results…”

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Why SPEED works: get ready for project-based, on-demand success

The on-demand workplace is here to stay, and it will continue to gain momentum. 

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New year, new opportunity: embracing the talent shift, are you ready?

In 2018, we can expect even more change and acceleration of pace in workplaces everywhere.

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